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Custom Holistic Facial - $130
This completely customized treatment begins with a thorough understanding of your short- and long-term skin goals. Your face will be lovingly cleansed and gently exfoliated. We leave plenty of time for thorough but gentle extractions. During your mask, you will relax with shoulder, neck and arm massage designed specifically to ease tension in the facial muscles. Your skin will be finished with results-oriented serums and moisturizers.

All products used in the Holistic Facial are drawn from our lineup of totally clean + super effective green beauty offerings. If there’s something on our shelves you’ve been itching to try, don’t hesitate to mention it!
Clarity Facial - $100
Designed specifically for teens experiencing breakouts, this facial focuses on thorough but gentle cleansing and exfoliation followed by extractions and a deep-cleansing, soothing mask.* Extractions are done with a light touch and respect for your teen’s tolerance for discomfort. (Let’s face it! Inflamed acne is tender and we honor that.) After masking, your teen will be treated with our ozone machine, also known as high frequency. This gem of a tool eradicates any traces of bacteria, helping to keep your teen’s skin clearer longer. While you wait, have a cup of tea and enjoy our library of natural skincare books. Or run errands on the cute Briarcliff strip!

At your teen’s first Clarity Facial, a program of facials will be recommended; some teens need to come every couple of weeks for a period of time before moving to monthly facials. Additionally, your teen will be educated about the importance of consistent at-home care, and nurturing, healing products will be recommended (with no pressure to buy, because that’s how we roll).

* If you’re an adult experiencing breakouts, we recommend sticking with the Holistic Facial, as adult skin has a few extra things we like to take care of while you’re with us.
Lift + Glow Facial - $200
The ultimate pre-event facial designed to firm, lift + brighten your skin. After a gentle cleanse, exfoliation and light extractions, we apply a thick layer of our vitamin c-enriched, aloe-based hydrating gel and then begin to stimulate specific facial muscles using microcurrent wands. Think of this as physical therapy for your face. By stimulating facial muscles through the body’s own electromagnetic field, microcurrent reminds muscles of where they used to hang out back in the day. Sound too good to be true? It isn’t. Studies link microcurrent treatments with increased ATP production, which is responsible for stimulating collagen and elastin.

While microcurrent treatments have both immediate and cumulative effects, for the best results over time, we recommend regular monthly treatments, through either the Lift + Glow or the Remodeling facial.

The Lift + Glow Facial is recommended when only minimal extractions are needed and when you would like to prioritize as much time as possible in your facial with the microcurrent modality. If you would like a more thorough extraction session, we recommend either the Remodeling Facial *or* a Holistic Facial 2 days to 1 week in advance of your Lift + Glow Facial. The Lift + Glow Facial can also be used to create dramatic results over a short period of time when practiced weekly as a kick-off to monthly maintenance. Please call or email us to discuss packages.
Detox Facial - $210
We combine all the best aspects of the Holistic Facial (thorough extractions, ahem!) with facial massage techniques designed specifically to detoxify your skin. We highly recommend this facial for tired, puffy skin.

After cleansing and skin analysis, we massage your skin using a high-tech lymphatic drainage modality. We follow with gentle exfoliation, thorough extractions, and masking. During your custom mask, shoulders, neck and arms are massaged to ease tension in your facial muscles. Your mask is followed by application of a thick layer of your goal-oriented serum. Then, two jade rollers are used to enhance penetration of the serum and to continue the process of facial lymphatic drainage. The rollers are cool to the touch and can be used on the delicate eye contour to reduce puffiness and dark circles. Jade rollers have been used for millennia in China to both soothe and stimulate the muscles of your face. Because they don’t absorb your serum, all the serum is absorbed by your skin. Your skin will feel tighter, lifted, and more firm.
Remodeling Facial - $230
We combine all the best aspects of the Holistic Facial including your custom mask with a solid session with the microcurrent wands. Microcurrent was discovered as an esthetic treatment by a doctor treating patients with facial paralysis using the physical therapy modality of electrical current stimulation; he found that his patients had firmer, more lifted skin after treatment.

After cleansing and skin analysis, we follow with gentle exfoliation, thorough extractions, and a mask. During your mask, shoulders, neck and arms are massaged to ease tension in your facial muscles. Your mask is followed by application of a thick layer of our vitamin c-enriched hydrating gel and your face is massaged with microcurrent wands. During this massage, your facial muscles are reeducated and reminded of their younger selves. In the short term, you can expect to see improved tone, texture + firmness. With regular use, collagen and elastin production increase. Microcurrent also offers a wonderful solution for women looking to wean themselves off of Botox, as it prevents the sagging that occurs when frozen muscles return to working on their own.

While microcurrent treatments have both immediate and cumulative effects, for the best results over time, we recommend regular monthly treatments, through either the Lift + Glow or the Remodeling facial.

Makeup Applications + Lessons

Makeup Application - $65
Allow 45 to 50 minutes for your completely customized makeup application (skin, eyes, lips, contouring -- whatever calls to you when you see our gorgeous counter of clean makeup), including a hot-cloth cleanse with one of our luscious cleansers and a souvenir application card for future reference. You won't find pressure to buy, but your application is complimentary with a $150 purchase of products.
Makeup Touch Up - $45
Pop in for a quick refresher before a night out, a day-to-night eye look, a foundation match, or whatever else calls to you when you meet our clean + beautiful makeup counter. If you need a complete look starting with a blank canvas, book our Makeup Application instead! Complimentary with $125 purchase.
Makeup Application - Teen - $45
Let us start your teen on a lifetime of good makeup habits, using the cleanest makeup you'll find. Includes a gentle cleansing and skin prep. You won't find pressure to buy, but we'll treat you to the service with your $125 purchase.
Makeup Lesson - $100
Let our professional makeup artists delight you with their ideas about how to incorporate our clean makeup finds into your beauty routine -- as simple or as complex as that may be. Want a five-minute face? We can do that. (Plus maybe throw in an idea or two about how to quick-change for nighttime adventures.) Looking for a complete look for the office? We've got you covered. This is your time to enjoy the fun of makeup. And we'll send you home with a handy reference page to recreate your looks at home. Includes a complimentary follow-up just in case you forget your new tricks.
Prom: Makeup Application - $65
We'd love to create your dream prom makeup look. Before or after having your hair styled at one of the great salons on the strip, let Dunkin Kehn create a beautiful green beauty look for you.


Eyebrow Shaping - First Visit - $30
Eyebrow Shaping - Follow Up - $25

Well Waxing

Bikini - $50
Brazilian Bikini - $80
Half Leg - $45
Full Leg - $80
Half Arm - $35
Full Arm - $60
Face (lip, chin, and jawline) - $45
Don't need all three? $10 reduction in price per area not needed, to be taken at checkout. Please allow one week between any facial waxing and your facial.
Underarm - $25


Clean Beauty Swap - Consultation - $75
Let us help you find clean, green skincare alternatives you're bound to fall in love with. Appointments with Jasmine are outside of business hours and can be conducted at Dunkin Kehn, on the phone or via FaceTime or Skype. Shipping is complimentary for purchases over $100.
Color + Technique Consultation - $50
For our long-distance beauties looking to clean up their makeup collections. Book a private Skype or Face Time appointment with our makeup artist. We'll help you select the right colors and textures for you, and even provide technical advice. Product purchases will be accompanied by a facial chart suggesting uses for your new makeup. Shipping is complimentary on purchases over $100.
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